Web API: How to move 700 Tasks from one Project/Plan to another

Hi there,

How can I use the Web API to move 700 archived Tasks to another Project/Plan? Or is there another way to do it without using the API?

I used the Backlog Manager to manually move some Tasks, but that would take 2 weeks if I do 70 per day.

Thanks so much!


Asked by Juswaldy Jusman on Mon 7/20/20 2:18 PM
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Mark SayersMon 7/20/20 3:00 PM

Hello Juswaldy,

There is no endpoint of the API currently that allows for moving these tasks to another card wall in any sort of automated fashion.

May I ask as to the *need* behind moving archived tasks to another plan? Why is this necessary vs just hiding the Archived card tasks list?

Mark Sayers
TD Support

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