List of unassociated people in ticket filter, reports

I have a list of people's names. I want to see if any of them have requested any tickets that are still active. It seems that if I use the ticket filter or reports, I have to search for each name individually to use in the filter/report. Is there a way to use my list in a delimited (batch) way to make this less repetitive? I was thinking of adding them to a temporary group and use that in the filter/report but even that seems to require me to search on individual names.

Asked by Greg Van De Mark on Wed 7/15/20 2:52 PM
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Mark SayersWed 7/15/20 3:16 PM

Hello Greg,

In the ticketing app in question, have you accessed the "Tickets" menu option on the left, then used the funnel filter to select requestor values? You can use the lookup option on the Requestor filter field to select multiple requestors at once to filter on, then ensure the other status filters are accurate to see open tickets by those persons.

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