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Can TDX make outbound HTTP REST calls to other applications?

Is this possible? If so what API calls would I use?
Our infrastructure team uses OpsGenie, We want TDX to make an outbound HTTP REST call to OpsGenie whenever a Major Incident is created. The HTTP REST call from TDX would raise an alert in...
1 Answer
Janet Moore Last activity on 9/21/2020 10:30:41 AM by Mark Sayers

TeamDynamix integrations with videoconferencing platforms?

Hi there - I'm curious on whether it would be possible to set up an integration using TeamDynamix's API and the API of a videoconferencing platform (or whether what I am about to describe already exists), such that a new videoconference meeting i...
1 Answer
Ningxin (Linda) Zhu Last activity on 8/31/2020 2:37:57 PM by Mark Sayers

reply-by-email tokens - accessible via api?

When a ticket is created, is the reply-by-email tokens accessible via the API?
3 Answers
Nic Hayes Last activity on 8/12/2020 9:55:02 AM by Mark Sayers

Ivy integration api questions

Regarding IVY-TDX API. Is it possible to pass through the API a different CreatedbyID other than the IVY API? IE. Within Ivy I have live agents working chats. once the chat is completed, they created an Ivy survey which is then feed to TDX vi...
1 Answer
Amy Hamman Last activity on 8/11/2020 12:37:40 PM by Mark Sayers

Web API: How to move 700 Tasks from one Project/Plan to another

Hi there,
How can I use the Web API to move 700 archived Tasks to another Project/Plan? Or is there another way to do it without using the API?
I used the Backlog Manager to manually move some Tasks, but that would take 2 weeks if I do 70...
1 Answer
Juswaldy Jusman Last activity on 7/20/2020 3:00:06 PM by Mark Sayers

Getting all the Services with the API in 11.1

I use the GET{appId}/services API call to fetch all Services and then check if a correct Service is passed in during ticket creation against this list, and if not, I use the list of Services to warn the...
1 Answer
Monika Fekete Last activity on 6/23/2020 9:06:10 AM by Mark Sayers

500 Error When Trying to Use API to Create Issue

One of my team members sent ahead an issue they ran into, that I'm not familiar with, and wasn't sure on how to approach troubleshooting:

I'm running into API issues that I haven't dealt with before. I am getting a 500 error. This is the e...
1 Answer
Ian Beattie Last activity on 5/26/2020 11:47:32 AM by Mark Sayers

Fetching project issues

I am executing the following query:
curl -D- -s -X GET --header "Authorization: Bearer ${token}" \
--header 'Accept: application/json' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8' \
1 Answer
Richard Quintin Last activity on 4/22/2020 2:34:19 PM by Mark Sayers

Referencing a custom attribute choice in web services post

This is sort of a followup to , which works for me on text fields, but I can't get to work with choices on selection fields.
I have a workflow/web ser...
1 Answer
David Durling Last activity on 4/21/2020 2:18:29 PM by Mark Sayers

Adding multiple contacts to a ticket via API


I know how to add an individual contact to a ticket using the POST method found here for adding contacts.{appId}/tickets/search

Is there a way to ...
1 Answer
David Mitchell Last activity on 3/30/2020 4:31:59 PM by Mark Sayers

How to create new TDX ticket via API POST Method on a html form submission webpage

I'm very new to TDX and trying to figure out how I can create a new TDX ticket using API. We have an external webpage form that our users will use to submit requests. Using the data collected, I want a ticket created with the data as d...
1 Answer
Vicky Vue Last activity on 3/13/2020 12:28:38 PM by William Cochran

Getting 404 error when trying to create a ticket based on a Service form via API (Postman)

Hi all,
I'm trying to use the method outlined here for creating a ticket via the API:

It's a specific form that exists in our service catalog.

Whenever I send the post ...
7 Answers
Steve Noble Last activity on 2/25/2020 3:46:17 PM by Steve Noble

Ticket feed API

Is it possible to read ticket feed information through the API? And are there any resources on the field names?
We have a department who despite our best efforts to encourage the use of the native reporting of TeamDynamix insist they want a w...
1 Answer
Kevin Beattie Last activity on 2/12/2020 10:20:56 AM by Mark Sayers

Invalid Header in API

I know I'm doing something wrong, but can't for the life of me see what the issue is.
I am able to POST using the Tickets API to create a new ticket (using Fiddler for now) with the Bearer information all nice and neat, however when I try to...
2 Answers
Jason Pelletier Last activity on 2/11/2020 4:38:50 PM by Jason Pelletier

Submitting time for a ticket to the time API with no project

I have a call to the API that pushes time into a user's timesheet. This works for the bucket times and for project times relatively simply as those have project IDs connected to them. However, tickets do not appear to have a project related to th...
2 Answers
Toben Archer Last activity on 2/11/2020 4:58:19 PM by Mark Sayers

Creating task via web service/api

I have a form that we are going to import tickets to. In the workflow, we'd like to be able to create tasks based off the data in the form. When I followed the instructions on TeamDynamix Web API TeamDynamix.Api.Tickets.TicketTask ( https://api...
1 Answer
David Robertson Last activity on 1/29/2020 2:55:44 PM by Mark Sayers

Workflow and Create Ticket API

When creating a workflow you have the option of associating it with a service(s). My question is when creating a ticket with the API does it honor this dependency? And are there specific requirements? I was hoping to be able to create a ticket an...
1 Answer
Kevin Beattie Last activity on 1/21/2020 3:09:48 PM by Mark Sayers

Can API's be used between Prod and Sandbox and vice versa?

We are looking at automating provisioning users in Sandbox when a training request is created in Prod. Here is what we'd like to be able to do:
1) Ticket created by user to request training is approved by Manager/Supervisor.
2) Workflow i...
1 Answer
David Robertson Last activity on 1/14/2020 2:49:50 PM by Mark Sayers

API Report Access for Key-Based Admin

I am using the key-based admin account to authenticate to the API. That is all working well. However, I can only access reports that have the visibility set to everyone. Is there a way to give this account access to all reports, regardless of the...
1 Answer
Eric Pierce Last activity on 1/6/2020 3:50:21 PM by Mark Sayers

Is it possible to get a list of service categories using the API?

I would like to use the API to fetch a list of service categories, including all sub categories. similar to how you can fetch the categories for KBA .
1 Answer
Phil Williammee Last activity on 12/5/2019 11:48:52 AM by Mark Sayers

404 response on api report call

I am trying to make access report data via an api call to the endpoint and am getting a 404 error but am not sure why. The report should have the correct visibility and I can access other re...
1 Answer
Hayden Fogle Last activity on 12/3/2019 10:29:35 AM by Mark Sayers

Sending former Customer as User via people import file

We send a daily import file via the API which includes any active users we have.
For some users, we have originally sent them in as 'Customer' but now due to a change in their status (example: former Student, now Employee) we now se...
1 Answer
Jorge Gasca Last activity on 11/22/2019 12:37:00 PM by Mark Sayers

Username creation via People Import API


When I send an import file via the API...
Is there anything on the TeamDynamix side that automatically changes the case of the value passed for User Name or Auth User Name?
For example, if the file has this for User Name: U...
1 Answer
Jorge Gasca Last activity on 11/8/2019 11:53:56 AM by Mark Sayers

Web Service Method Requestor

Working through the create second ticket example provided below for one of my workflows, and hoping I can get some help on the Requestor field. If I want the second ticket to be the same requestor as the original how would this be achieved? It ma...
2 Answers
Kevin Beattie Last activity on 11/7/2019 1:45:18 PM by Danee Gunka Schwartz

Updating user name via API

Hi everyone,
I wrote a script to update a specific user (later, i would like to update many users...)
I want to update the username via the api. Is this possible?
I'm using the endpoint: POST
1 Answer
Jorge Gasca Last activity on 11/5/2019 4:02:20 PM by Matt Sayers

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