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Web API: How to move 700 Tasks from one Project/Plan to another

Hi there,
How can I use the Web API to move 700 archived Tasks to another Project/Plan? Or is there another way to do it without using the API?
I used the Backlog Manager to manually move some Tasks, but that would take 2 weeks if I do 70...
1 Answer
Juswaldy Jusman Last activity on 7/20/2020 3:00:06 PM by Mark Sayers

Time Off Calendar - Projects

If a user enters time off on their Time & Expenses report, can it show in the Projects on which they are a resource? When I look at the calendar on a project, the time off doesn't show up, even though it does show on the main calendar...
1 Answer
Amy (Dube) Hodgdon Last activity on 6/30/2020 4:26:44 PM by Mark Sayers

Tying a change ticket to a project

Is there a way to tie a change ticket back to a specific project? For example, we have a project to update the versions of the application and the Oracle database on a server. As we make the changes to the production servers, we would have chan...
1 Answer
Susan Galvin Last activity on 4/29/2020 1:34:40 PM by Mark Sayers

Default Project Type

For some reason the Type is being set automatically on project requests, I cannot seem to find any reason as to why this is happening. Could I get some insight on how to change this from happening?
1 Answer
Samuel LeDoux Last activity on 11/20/2019 4:30:34 PM by Mark Sayers

Convert Ticket to Project Issue

We had a Problem ticket opened up that really needed to be made into a project. I'm in the process of doing that, but i really need to convert a bunch of child tickets that were created into Issues, but I don't see how to do that. Is there a way?
2 Answers
Lucinda Poe Last activity on 6/5/2019 11:37:04 AM by Lucinda Poe

Adding Time to a Project/Project Plan/Project Task

We are currently implementing Projects and I was curious to see how others are able to add time against a project. Do you have step by step instructions? Are you able to add time worked against a card/task or are you only adding time a...
2 Answers
Rachel Bowling Last activity on 2/19/2019 2:22:10 PM by Mark Sayers

Creating new project via the api

Does the api allow one to create a new project?
Since a new ticket can be made by making a post to{appid}/tickets (even though that doesn't seem to be specifically listed in the API docs) , I though...
1 Answer
David Durling Last activity on 2/13/2019 10:29:46 AM by Mark Sayers

Copying a project plan

I read Article ID: 3644 in the KB and I am still confused about copying a project plan.
I do not see a "details" tab in my view when I follow the directions as I understand them as written. Perhaps a screen shot or two would make...
1 Answer
Steve Strieter Last activity on 2/5/2019 4:28:40 PM by Mark Sayers

Access Portfolio via API?

We are pulling project data out of TeDy using the projects API, so that we can integrate that data into an IT dashboard. One of the main drivers for what we show on the dashboard is the Portfolio to which each project belongs. However, we cannot ...
1 Answer
Ken Flerlage Last activity on 11/14/2018 2:03:42 PM by Mark Sayers

Use API to Determine if Ticket Converted to Project

I'm trying to use the API to determine if a ticket has been converted to a project/project request. When I attempt to view a ticket through the TeamDynamix application, I get a message that reads something like this:
Service Request 123456 (...
1 Answer
Ken Flerlage Last activity on 11/14/2018 1:26:34 PM by Mark Sayers

Can a project survey be made as anonymous?

When we create and send surveys, responses come in with the names of people responding. Can a survey be made anonymous?
1 Answer
Marie Carianna Last activity on 6/13/2018 9:53:49 AM by Mark Sayers

Changing goals in a project

If we change the goals in a project that is already underway and those goals are used in other projects will this cause issues for any of those projects? Please let me know whenever you have a moment.
1 Answer
Mark Sayers Last activity on 6/1/2018 4:29:16 PM by Mark Sayers

How do you restrict a user from adding a sponsor to a project who is not in the system?

When you go into TDNEXT, then edit a project, select 'manage', then select 'details' , it has aplus sign next to the sponsor. How do you turn this off? We do not want project managers adding new people to TDX unless they are already in the system...
1 Answer
Joe Allen Last activity on 3/8/2018 4:08:54 PM by Mark Sayers

project report: "My Issues": issues showing for completed/deactivated project

The out-of-the-box report "My Issues" is showing issues from a project that has been completed and deactivated. Has something changed with the report where now it is wrong or have I "closed out" the project incorrectly so that...
2 Answers
Greg Van De Mark Last activity on 10/31/2017 9:02:56 AM by Greg Van De Mark

Global Issue Categories

My institution frequently does construction, and the IT department is involved with the low voltage installation process. Frequently we notice issues on the job site that we have to itemize and report back to the contractor. Naturally,...
3 Answers
Brian Pederson Last activity on 10/12/2017 3:28:40 PM by Mark Sayers

Silos for Projects and Portfolio Management

Are there any plans to allow for creating silos for projects / portfolios in the future? Something with the same kind of separation we get with ticketing applications - where one can work in a ticket application but not have visibility into anot...
1 Answer
David Durling Last activity on 7/12/2017 5:57:10 PM by Aaron Crane

Can we move a project plan from one project to another?

I created a project and added multiple plans to it. Now, we decided that we want to create another project and move an existing plan to that project to stop from duplicating the work of creating the exact same plan into a different project. Is th...
1 Answer
Nathan Wolter Last activity on 5/24/2017 1:47:24 PM by Greg Van De Mark

Project Task edit form

Where do I configure what fields the project task edit form has?
1 Answer
Greg Van De Mark Last activity on 5/1/2017 3:43:22 PM by Aaron Crane

Can I change the Status Comments to be a required field on a project?

Right now Project Managers can change the Status, Health, and % complete on a project. Those fields have to have a value. But the Comments field is not required; can I change that somewhere to be required?
1 Answer
Barrie Sutton Last activity on 3/10/2017 10:19:57 AM by Mark Sayers

Can project issues have a default responsibility

Is there a way to set a default responsibility on Project Issues? Or send out alerts when they are created?
Thank you,
1 Answer
Annie Kujawa Last activity on 3/3/2017 4:25:42 PM by Mark Sayers

Project Plan Hours vs. Time Card


When updating the actual hours in the project plan in TeamDynamix, does it also update the time card for the resource assigned to the task? For example, if Joe is assigned to Task A and the project manager updates the actual hours for...
1 Answer
Sharjil Hasan Last activity on 12/14/2016 2:18:43 PM by Mark Sayers

Missing field in project report

I can see in the system live when project is last updated, but I cannot report on when a project was last updated.

I can when an issue was last updated, and report on the last updated date and comment.... but not for a project. This seems li...
1 Answer
Brian Coolidge Last activity on 10/12/2016 8:37:29 AM by Mark Sayers

Can I require a comment on a project Update

I want to require more details on project updates. Changing the % complete does not provide enough information.
1 Answer
Barrie Sutton Last activity on 10/10/2016 9:48:48 AM by Mark Sayers

Resource Assignment Percentages 9.4 Web Plan Manager

Is it possible to edit resource assignment percentages in the web plan manager in 9.4? Even with the plan checked out I can't seem to change the percentage assignment. I can change it from the desktop plan manger and the changes get saved so I ca...
3 Answers
Andrew Lutzuk Last activity on 9/22/2016 1:32:43 PM by Mark Sayers

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