Prevent Notifications from Web Services

Hello, we have a fairly simple workflow that has a final step that updates a ticket (in another application), and then the current ticket is closed. The ticket is closed at this point in the workflow, and the following system-generated email goe...
1 Answer
Tevis Boulware Last activity on 6/15/2021 2:13:45 PM by Mark Sayers

API Example for Group Membership

We are a new TeamDynamix customer and looking to add all our users to a few groups. I see the API method at but we do not have a developer ...
1 Answer
Scott Ermer Last activity on 6/15/2021 11:26:03 AM by Jordyn Mancini

Bulk import of Department custom Attribute

I would like to do a bulk import of existing departments for a new custom attribute. How can this be done?
1 Answer
Tyler Duncan Last activity on 6/14/2021 10:42:51 AM by Mark Sayers

merging tickets into a project request

I have a user wondering if it is possible to merge existing tickets into a newly created project request.
1 Answer
Mathew Chandler Last activity on 6/11/2021 11:08:09 AM by Mark Sayers

People Record Attributes?

Is there a detailed reference on the attributes for a People record (other than what is listed in the People API)?

We are preparing to transition to a new identity management system and are reviewing the mapping and logic, that populates t...
1 Answer
Tevis Boulware Last activity on 6/9/2021 3:57:39 PM by Mark Sayers

API for Manipulating Workflows?

Hello. Is there a Ticket API endpoint that manipulates ticket workflows? I want to un-attach an existing workflow and re-attach another. Is this possible?
The alternative is to have a single workflow and split the paths (I am looking for a...
1 Answer
Tevis Boulware Last activity on 6/9/2021 3:54:33 PM by Mark Sayers

Email contact information display format


When we notify a user through TDX, it sends out an email and it displays in their user information in the format of First name, Last name in our inbox. Our environment uses the format of Last name, First name when displaying the cont...
1 Answer
Raffo Gavelan Last activity on 6/9/2021 1:47:39 PM by Mark Sayers

How are account attributes used in Team Dynamix

I'm trying to find a way to notify a particular college CIO when a user from that college submits a specific kind of ticket. I thought I would set up and account attribute to indicate which CIO is associated with each college (our colleges are s...
1 Answer
Kimberly Lawrence Last activity on 6/8/2021 4:52:27 PM by Mark Sayers

API: How to access the subtasks of a Card/Task?

Hi there, we are reusing a card wall for testing purposes, through the Web API. We can "reset" the cards back to 0% Complete, and all the statuses back to "New". This is working fine, except if there are subtasks in a card, th...
1 Answer
Juswaldy Jusman Last activity on 6/10/2021 8:58:42 AM by Mark Sayers

Sandbox unavailable during upgrade on 6/18

I attended the webinar for the new release and know that Sandbox will be unavailable on 06/18. Does this start and stop at a specific time?
1 Answer
Gabriela Barragan Last activity on 6/8/2021 3:50:55 PM by Mark Sayers

Comments and reporting on them

Is it possible to report on each comment/response made in the life of a service request? If so, what would be the recommended way to do so?
1 Answer
Heather Wantuch Last activity on 6/7/2021 4:57:43 PM by Mark Sayers

Time reporting question

My organization is currently comparing and validating the data as extracted from the SQL Server and as reported in the TDX Reporting feature on the back-end of the website. When we compare date and timestamps as pulled form the server and dates v...
1 Answer
Heather Wantuch Last activity on 6/8/2021 9:04:19 AM by Mark Sayers

Project Request Form Submission shows creator as requestor

Good afternoon,
When a person creates a project request and chooses a requester other then themselves, the creator of the request is set as the requester and the person who was listed as the requester is changed to the sponsor. Is there anywa...
1 Answer
Debra Hitch Last activity on 6/4/2021 2:11:42 PM by Mark Sayers

"Collector" Task in a Task Template?

Good morning.
In Workflows, there is a "Collector" step that waits for a set of concurrent steps to complete. Is there an equivalent "Collector" task, or a way to emulate a "Collector" task in a task template?
1 Answer
Tevis Boulware Last activity on 6/4/2021 11:56:38 AM by Mark Sayers

Group Update via PeopleImport file?

I wanted to check if there is a way to use the PeopleImport file to update a user's Group membership.

1 Answer
Jorge Gasca Last activity on 6/4/2021 8:57:45 AM by Mark Sayers

Attachment protection

I know we can protect fields and grant specific users in groups access to those protected fields, but are there any options we may have for protecting attachments that are added to requests? One of our areas has some sensitive attachments that ma...
1 Answer
Gabriela Barragan Last activity on 6/4/2021 8:54:11 AM by Mark Sayers

Datefield ticket attributes in TD report excel exports

We have setup some datefield ticket attributes that included as a field in a report, and exported to excel, get exported as UTC-10:00 instead of UTC or the timezone my company is in.
For the purpose of the example below, we are in PDT (UTC-7:...
1 Answer
Joe Alcorn Last activity on 6/2/2021 1:28:18 PM by Mark Sayers


I am attempting to create tickets via the API in Java and keep receiving a SocketTimeoutException. I'm curios if there are any known issues. This happens most often when attempting to login. I have the timeout on both connecting and read set to 2...
1 Answer
Dallin Cawley Last activity on 6/2/2021 12:03:52 PM by Mark Sayers

Contact Field on Forms

When I log in as an admin or technician and fill out a ticket for a client and add a contact name, I have access to the entire people database.
When I log in as a client and fill out the ticket and add a contact name, it seems I only have acc...
1 Answer
Ann Gerwitz Last activity on 6/1/2021 4:17:52 PM by Mark Sayers

When you have more than one technician Shift Schedule, how do you use Business Hours to accurately monitor Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for Tickets?

We have three different shifts. Daytime and Evening and Saturdays. How does anyone use SLAs in a similar situation?
1 Answer
Oliver Priesnitz Last activity on 6/1/2021 4:14:51 PM by Mark Sayers

When TDX is upgraded what is the behavior for scheduled reports?

If the system in unavailable for an upgrade, but a report is scheduled to be executed and delivered via email during that time, what is the expected behavior? Will the report queue and be delivered later?
1 Answer
Greg Benn Last activity on 6/2/2021 12:17:30 PM by Mark Sayers

Knowledge Base API

Do we have an API for our knowledge base? We are creating a new IT webpage and would like to be bale ot search it.
1 Answer
Alex Oquendo Last activity on 6/1/2021 3:15:29 PM by Mark Sayers

PM's can't see Project Templates marked Global

I created a new Project Template and marked it Global. None of the other PM's in my organization can see it. Any idea why?
2 Answers
Mark Juzwiak Last activity on 6/1/2021 4:28:12 PM by Mark Sayers

Is there a limit to the number of tasks in a Waterfall plan?

Is there a limit to the number of rows/tasks that can be added to a Waterfall Plan?
1 Answer
Julie Evans Last activity on 5/26/2021 12:28:07 PM by Mark Sayers


A user is receiving a notification of a ticket being created and I can't figure out where is is coming from? The workflow and the ticket type does not have the person as someone that should receive a notification. Below is what was sent to the us...
2 Answers
Alex Oquendo Last activity on 6/4/2021 9:30:40 AM by Alex Oquendo

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