CSS Definitions

Hi there, is there any possibility that the default, TeamDynamix style sheet be posted in the Knowledge Base?
Thanks, Tevis
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Tevis Boulware Last activity on 1/27/2020 9:36:58 AM by Mark Sayers

Patch API Endpoint for KB Articles

Is there "patch" API endpoint for KB articles? In particular, I want to be able to change the status of an existing KB article? There is a similar "patch" endpoint for tickets, but I don't seem to be able to find an endpoint...
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Tevis Boulware Last activity on 1/24/2020 2:17:38 PM by Tevis Boulware

Notification description apostrophe

I recently made some changes to our notifications and maybe this issue was already there or I've created it. Now when a new request is received it displays %#39; rather than an apostrophe. Is there something I have removed that I can reinstate?...
1 Answer
Kevin Beattie Last activity on 1/24/2020 8:57:18 AM by Greg Van De Mark

Viewing Submitted KB Articles

I have to admit I am a bit confused on being able to view KB articles.
Here is our use case:
There is a service/form that a technician fills out to create a draft KB article, we then create the KB article through Web Methods and the workf...
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Tevis Boulware Last activity on 1/23/2020 6:40:04 PM by Tevis Boulware

API Method Calls Register as Successful Logins?

Hello, there.

If I had the time I would test this myself (but you know how that goes), and we have a technician who is accessing API endpoints through a special account/user name (to allow for limited permissions). However, when you look at...
1 Answer
Tevis Boulware Last activity on 1/23/2020 2:42:37 PM by Mark Sayers

Creating an approval step in a workflow that with changing approvers

I am looking to create a workflow with an approval step, but the person that would be responsible for that approval step is going to be every changing and highly dependent on the circumstances.
Is it possible for the reviewer to designate who...
1 Answer
Mathew Chandler Last activity on 1/23/2020 1:47:49 PM by Mark Sayers

Workflow and Create Ticket API

When creating a workflow you have the option of associating it with a service(s). My question is when creating a ticket with the API does it honor this dependency? And are there specific requirements? I was hoping to be able to create a ticket an...
1 Answer
Kevin Beattie Last activity on 1/21/2020 3:09:48 PM by Mark Sayers

Ticket creation and ticket reply - point them both to the same gmail account

We originally started using TDX for projects and set up a gmail account and pointed the "Email Server" and "Email Replies" in Admin to it. This was a brand new gmail account dedicated to TDX traffic. Now that we've added tic...
1 Answer
Steve Blackburn Last activity on 1/21/2020 2:41:44 PM by Mark Sayers

Override Ticket Type when changing forms

I'm sorry if this has already been answered somewhere - my search didn't seem to be giving me good results.
Is there a setting or something somewhere to have a form override an existing ticket type when chosen? I'm working with on...
1 Answer
Pamela Jordan Last activity on 1/21/2020 12:15:20 PM by Mark Sayers

Technician service access

With the ability to create separate client portals added in November we are now splitting out some of our departments and I have an access question.
For a technician in TD Next to select a service from a specific client portal would they need...
1 Answer
Kevin Beattie Last activity on 1/20/2020 9:28:51 AM by Kris Kennedy

Ticket Task Report Responsibility fields not available

When creating a ticket task report, we see the following as the only fields available under Responsibility: Group Unassigned, Responsibility, Unassigned. Yet the report help shows several more choices. People are looking for Resp Group to add t...
1 Answer
Steve Blackburn Last activity on 1/20/2020 12:16:46 PM by Mark Sayers

Google Less Secure Apps no longer supported

Our monitored email accounts to import email requests into tickets is currently a Google account in which Less Secure Apps is enabled to allow TDX to read and monitor the inbox. It was recently announced by Google that they will no longer be enab...
1 Answer
Kelly Webber Last activity on 1/20/2020 12:07:44 PM by Mark Sayers

Can the text entered in the text box from Worklfow Choice/Approval steps be used in an email

We're looking at how to simplify our work flows, see below for why. My thought process:
1) Workflow has Choice step: Issue resolved
2) Text box is filled out with how the issue was resolved (would be nice to make text in this box mandator...
1 Answer
David Robertson Last activity on 1/16/2020 3:08:11 PM by Mark Sayers

Deleting tickets

Is there any way to delete multiple tickets at a time? I don't see that as an option in admin, but I wonder if our configurations are incorrect.
1 Answer
Luisa Silva Last activity on 1/16/2020 3:03:26 PM by Mark Sayers

Notification to Management for negative Survey Responses

We have a practice where survey responses that meet a set of criteria are considered negative responses, and we had a process set up in our old ticketing system where every negative response was emailed to IT management so that we could take imme...
2 Answers
Steve Blackburn Last activity on 1/16/2020 2:02:25 PM by Steve Blackburn

API to Convert User to Customer?

When users separate from the university, we manually convert them from TDx "User" back to "Customer". Is there an API we can use to accomplish this?
2 Answers
Scott Cory Last activity on 1/16/2020 1:44:37 PM by Scott Cory

Ticket Comment Added vs Ticket Updated Notifications

I have what I'm sure is a silly question and I did look to see if there was anything in the portal prior to submitting. We have the Ticket Comment Added (Requestor) and Ticket Updated (Requestor) notifications both customized. In what scenari...
1 Answer
Kevin Beattie Last activity on 1/15/2020 10:52:02 AM by Mark Sayers

Survey rules

Is it possible to set a people record or a security role or a survey with rules? Specifically, I'd like to never send a ticket survey to a specific account. Is this do-able?
2 Answers
Steve Blackburn Last activity on 1/15/2020 9:32:34 AM by Mark Sayers

Can API's be used between Prod and Sandbox and vice versa?

We are looking at automating provisioning users in Sandbox when a training request is created in Prod. Here is what we'd like to be able to do:
1) Ticket created by user to request training is approved by Manager/Supervisor.
2) Workflow i...
1 Answer
David Robertson Last activity on 1/14/2020 2:49:50 PM by Mark Sayers

Assigning Ticket Templates to Saved Tickets

I've seen that Ticket Templates may be going away, so this question could be moot.
I've got some users who have developed Ticket Templates instead of forms in order to cut down on the number of custom attributes (assigning a specif...
1 Answer
Pamela Jordan Last activity on 1/14/2020 2:37:47 PM by Mark Sayers

Is it Possible to Deactivate Projects in Bulk?

We have over 100 projects that need to be deactivated. Is there a way to do that in bulk, or do we have to deactivate them one at a time?
1 Answer
Jeanine Heming Last activity on 1/14/2020 11:32:04 AM by Mark Sayers

Site Map Generation?

Is there any tool, or report, that automatically generates a site map for submission to search engines?
Thanks, Tevis
1 Answer
Tevis Boulware Last activity on 1/14/2020 10:21:59 AM by Mark Sayers

Question About the API To Submit Project Requests

I have a question regarding using the TD API for project requests from our PMO Executive Director:
Can we use the API to submit a project request directly to the “submitted” status, specifically: Are we able to map to cust...
1 Answer
Jeanine Heming Last activity on 1/13/2020 3:50:40 PM by Mark Sayers

Report of what statuses have been used in tickets

We are starting to look at metrics for tickets and the following questions have come up:
1) Is there a way to pull a report that shows how many tickets were assigned a specific status during the month. Not if the ticket is currently in a stat...
1 Answer
David Robertson Last activity on 1/13/2020 4:02:21 PM by Mark Sayers

Workflow Task - Mark Complete

Hello, I have created a ticket workflow task that is assigned to a specific person; however, other TDNext users that access the ticket who are not part of the responsible group, can not only see the task, but are able to "Mark Complete"...
1 Answer
Tevis Boulware Last activity on 1/13/2020 4:08:10 PM by Mark Sayers

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